IRC logs for #farmOS, 2021-01-13 (GMT)

[14:52:49]<paul121[m]>Agh, sorry all. Jumped off because our sump pump is nearly overflowing & we don't have power!
[15:01:36]<mstenta[m]>Aw man sorry Paul - that sucks.
[15:01:43]<mstenta[m]>Thanks for joining for the bit you could
[15:03:54]<generalredneck[m>Thanks for letting me join in. Sorry if I took us down some rabbit holes... it's a quality that I can't quite shake :)
[15:38:21]<mstenta[m]>It was great generalredneck !
[15:38:40]<mstenta[m]>It would have been a boring call otherwise :-)
[15:38:57]<mstenta[m]>❤️ rabbit holes