IRC logs for #farmOS, 2022-11-29 (GMT)

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[06:55:37]<mstenta[m]>I'm starting a short queue of potential microblog posts... figure we can try to post more regularly by planning some in advance.
[06:55:54]<mstenta[m]>Now that we have the auto-announcements of the dev calls each week it also feels like we should pepper in more actual content.
[06:56:16]<mstenta[m]>Plus, there's a lot things worth announcing! And historically we haven't been great about sharing stuff... :-)
[06:56:59]<mstenta[m]>paul121 and I were brainstorming some ways to maybe use the GitHub issue queue + actions to create a queuing / review system... would love to think about this on the next dev call perhaps.
[06:58:02]<mstenta[m]>eg: maybe have some way of proposing posts in the issue queue, w/ an approved label or something, that then gets picked up by a scheduled action to publish one every couple of days
[06:59:47]<mstenta[m]>little different than a PR-based workflow... since the git commit log should ideally match the order and timestamps of the actual posts when they get committed/merged... 🤔