IRC logs for #farmOS, 2021-01-12 (GMT)

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[10:23:42]<abugida[m]>No, I'm just using the Element app.
[10:24:09]<abugida[m]>However I got the same result when I tried to open it in a browser
[10:24:15]<symbioquine[m]>That's weird then, I'd expect it to work...
[10:28:21]<symbioquine[m]>What version of Element is your browser running - a refresh might not get the latest version because it uses a heavily cached Web Worker implementation? (Click on the carrot `ˇ` near your name and click "All Settings", then "Help & About")
[14:46:51]<mstenta[m]>symbioquine: saw your PRs - AWESOME!
[14:47:09]<mstenta[m]>Will take a closer look next chance I get
[14:47:51]<mstenta[m]>Quick thought (and bear with me if I'm missing something obvious): would it be possible to do it ALL in the farmOS `composer.json`? Rather than in `composer-project`?
[14:48:26]<mstenta[m]>Feels like that might be cleaner - but I forget if there was a need for something in `composer-project`... sort of recall there was...
[14:49:16]<mstenta[m]>Ideally we can try to keep the `composer-project` as simple as possible... since once someone sets one up we can no longer manage updates to it
[14:49:35]<mstenta[m]>(not part of farmOS releases - it becomes "managed by the user" after initial creation)
[14:50:28]<symbioquine[m]>I'm not sure... I tried and didn't see my patch applied in
[14:51:13]<symbioquine[m]>But I didn't dig very deeply into it, assuming that I was just missing something about how the composer.json files are used and that I needed to put the change in the farmOS-composer-project package's composer.json
[14:52:05]<mstenta[m]>Hmm yea... I have this sneaking suspicion that something might be needed in the project... but I can't remember... would need to try it out
[14:52:32]<mstenta[m]>The nice thing about stuffing all that stuff in farmOS `composer.json` is we can easily change/remove it in the future if need be
[14:52:51]<mstenta[m]>The whole project vs distro `composer.json` still throws me off too
[14:53:42]<mstenta[m]>I know *some* things don't work in the farmOS `composer.json`... like adding extra `repositories`
[14:53:57]<mstenta[m]>Because Compoesr doesn't recurse into it for that specifically
[14:54:09]<mstenta[m]>(We are dealing with that for the farmOS-map library right now)
[14:54:22]<mstenta[m]>But oh man I'm excited for faster tests haha!
[14:55:08]<symbioquine[m]><mstenta[m] "I know *some* things don't work "> I'm probably missing something, but I'm not convinced that dev dependencies are used from the farmOs/--/composer.json file
[14:55:51]<mstenta[m]>Ooh maybe that was it...
[14:56:15]<symbioquine[m]>That said, if they are used I could come up with a couple other hypothesis' about why my patch wasn't applied...
[14:56:33]<mstenta[m]>Well hmm... would it be worth just including that patch in non-dev?
[14:56:40]<mstenta[m]>It's pretty dang simple!
[14:57:55]<mstenta[m]>oh but ... ah sorry
[14:58:04]<mstenta[m]>i really need to look before i speak haha :-)
[14:58:06]<symbioquine[m]>Well, we also need the `brianium/paratest` dependency and I'm pretty sure that should be a dev-only dependency.
[14:58:11]<mstenta[m]>i forgot all our testing stuff is in the project composer.json already
[14:58:39]<mstenta[m]>hmm i wonder if we should consider making a separate "testing project composer.json"
[14:58:56]<mstenta[m]>(doesn't need to block this, just thinking out loud)
[14:59:45]<mstenta[m]>anywho... i'll test this out and merge soon!
[15:00:10]<symbioquine[m]>ty 🙂
[15:00:16]<mstenta[m]>thank YOU!
[15:01:06]<symbioquine[m]>I'm also considering sending a PR to make the tests run against MariaDB/SQLite in addition to Postgres - similar to what I'm doing with farmOS_wfs;
[15:01:39]<mstenta[m]>not a bad idea!
[15:02:23]<mstenta[m]>possible to run those in parallel using the github aciton strategy you explored originally?
[15:02:37]<mstenta[m]>(oh! that's what you're doing in farmOS_wfs!)
[15:02:58]<mstenta[m]>That's awesome
[15:03:48]<mstenta[m]>PS: had first Farmier subscriber ask to install farmOS_wfs the other day :-)
[15:04:19]<symbioquine[m]>Yay! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns in the code review...
[15:05:03]<mstenta[m]>Cool! Unfortunately I might not have a chance for a bit - I told them might make sense to just start on the 2.x branch
[15:05:43]<mstenta[m]>Pushing hard right now to get 2.x hosting set up so folks can start testing migrations
[15:06:49]<symbioquine[m]>That makes sense. The 2.x version of farmOS_wfs will probably be way more useful to folks anyway since it exposes all assets, not just areas.
[15:06:59]<mstenta[m]>Yea so exciting