The bot connects to as farmBOT.

  • Botagotchi: Proper care and feeding lets your botagotchi grow and be happy!
  • Factoids: Set factoids with "BOTNAME: Drupal is great.", "No, BOTNAME, cats are furry.", "BOTNAME: Drupal is also powerful.", "BOTNAME: cheer is <action>cheers for !who in !channel!", or "BOTNAME: ping is <reply>WHAT?!". Retrieve with "Drupal?" or "BOTNAME: cheer!" Forget with "BOTNAME: forget ping". PM with "BOTNAME: tell newb about support". Browsable at <>.
  • Karma: Keeps track of "karma" altered by "foo++" or "bar--". Terms must be 3 to 15 characters in length. "BOTNAME: karma foo?" gives the current karma score. Highest and lowest karma scores can be seen at <>.
  • Logging: Logging is enabled for some or all channels at <>. A URL to the current log and timestamp is retrievable with "BOTNAME: log pointer?" or "BOTNAME: log bookmark?"
  • Reminders: Reminders can be set with "BOTNAME: remind NICK (at|by|in|on) DURATION (about|how|that|to) MESSAGE". For example: "BOTNAME: remind Morbus in 1 hour and 6 minutes that his bot is awesome", "BOTNAME: remind me in 23 minutes to check my pot roast.", or even "BOTNAME: remind Monty on Wed, 12 May 2010 13:10:21 -0400 that this was when this code debuted."
  • Seen: If someone asks "seen Morbus", the bot will report the last time they've been seen, where, and what their last known message was. Directly addressing the bot will also allow the more complex syntax of "seen Morbus? seen d8uv?", "have you seen sbp?" and similar forms. * can be used as a wildcard, but only with a minimum of three other characters. A maximum of three results are displayed for any one request.
  • Tell: Queue messages with "BOTNAME: tell Morbus that his bot_module help messages are awesome." Queued messages will be delivered publicly when the recipient sends a message to the channel.
  • Timezones: Display timezones with "BOTNAME: timezone BST". Convert timezones with "tz 10AM MST to EST" or "tz 14:27 UTC in Europe/London". Timestamps are allowed if combined and with no spaces: "tz 2010-10-23T10:00 EST to UTC". All returned dates are DST-aware.