IRC logs for #farmOS, 2021-01-14 (GMT)

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[14:41:29]<mstenta[m]>paul121 and symbioquine how's it going out your way? still out of power?
[14:46:34]<paul121[m]>mine came back an hour ago :-)
[14:47:22]<paul121[m]>didn't know symbioquine got hit too! that's almost the whole state haha
[14:49:01]<mstenta[m]>oh nice!
[14:49:20]<mstenta[m]>yea he joined from a batter-powered house on the farm where he was :-)
[14:49:25]<mstenta[m]>(the monthly call yesterday)
[18:21:49]<generalredneck[m>So farm question... who's a reliable egg cartons vendor.
[18:21:49]<generalredneck[m>Stromberg’s is cheap... but seems like almost every time they are back ordered... and last time I had to cancel and get it somewhere else cause I was a month and half in and couldn't wait any longer.
[18:23:33]<generalredneck[m>I can't get ones printed... because texas state law requires you to be graded and licensed organic to use certain phrases (such as "fresh" or "farm" eggs)
[18:28:13]<generalredneck[m>Quantity wise we go through about 2000 a year (we are tiny)