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[10:27:03]<UzelJames[m]><mstenta[m]> "Uzel James: Did the documentatio..." <- yes it did, im just stuck on how to create forms because what im seeing in the documentation is different from what chatgpt says
[10:39:42]<FarmerEd[m]>I found chatgpt very confidently producing very convincing code for Drupal modules that is just does not work.
[10:40:54]<FarmerEd[m]>I'd definitely go with Drupal and/ or farmOS docs.
[10:42:05]<FarmerEd[m]>I've also found it helpful on occasion but just be aware it can be very off the mark.
[10:42:14]<sj-techjorblad[m>That is kind of my experience with ptp django code as well unless you break down it to maybe one line of code per prompt, but sometime it get things right... But when documentation and chatgpt trust documentation every time.
[10:44:48]<FarmerEd[m]>Interesting to throw problems at it sometimes but, you could potentially spend longer debugging the issues in it's code than you would your own.
[11:09:04]<mstenta[m]>Uzel James: Have you tried anything yourself yet? If so, feel free to share your code and the error(s) you're getting - happy to provide guidance.
[11:09:30]<mstenta[m]>Either here in chat or in a new forum topic:
[11:09:41]<mstenta[m]>Best way to learn is to do. :-)
[11:53:44]<mstenta[m]>The farmOS weekly dev call starts in about 6 minutes - all are welcome.
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