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[08:44:08]<symbioquine[m]>Somewhat off-topic, but I'll just leave this here...
[08:54:32]<FarmerEd[m]>But why❓
[08:56:32]<FarmerEd[m]>ACTION uploaded an image: (3312KiB) < >
[08:56:57]<symbioquine[m]>An (offline/mobile)-first sandbox environment
[08:57:48]<symbioquine[m]>Then give folks an easy way to move their data to a full server once they've outgrown the single-user/no-redundancy stage.
[08:58:32]<symbioquine[m]>Or make it peer-to-peer and let it scale that way
[08:59:33]<FarmerEd[m]>Ah, so it can be easily migrated to a normal WordPress
[08:59:59]<symbioquine[m]>I have no idea, just spitballing here
[09:05:05]<FarmerEd[m]>Fair enough, my brain still thinks its a solution for a problem that doesn't exist.
[09:05:05]<FarmerEd[m]>But maybe it's just a problem I didn't know existed.🤔
[09:05:23]<symbioquine[m]>Could be a bit of both
[09:05:30]<FarmerEd[m]>It's interesting though
[14:43:50]<symbioquine[m]> 🤓
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[14:56:48]<FarmerEd[m]>Have you managed to get the remote server for ssh on a free tier?
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[15:37:23]<FarmerEd[m]>I have wondered about economics between selfhosting on farm vs selfhosting on a VPS or other hosting platform. With all things considered including power consumption and hardware cost.
[15:43:59]<FarmerEd[m]>Running the farm here on a couple of Raspberry Pi's which don't exactly consume much power but they are sometimes pushed to their limits,
[15:44:46]<symbioquine[m]><FarmerEd[m]> "Have you managed to get the..." <- I'm using a $5/mo "droplet" from DigitalOcean for it (prefer to keep my relationship with my hosting provider explicitly, "I give you money, you give me the service I'm paying for")
[15:44:57]<symbioquine[m]>But it should work fine on a free tier server
[15:45:34]<symbioquine[m]><FarmerEd[m]> "I have wondered about economics..." <- We're off-grid so the power consumption just improves our system paypack timeframe (within reason)
[15:46:35]<FarmerEd[m]>Are you powering your farmOS server off grid?
[15:46:56]<symbioquine[m]>The hardware is a fairly beefy quad core with 64 GB of memory is if I got equivalent cloud hardware it would pay for itself in less than a year I think
[15:47:00]<symbioquine[m]>FarmerEd[m]: Yes
[15:47:48]<symbioquine[m]>FarmerEd[m]: I haven't experienced the best reliability with Raspberry Pi's - even using SSDs for storage - they're the component I have to restart and fiddle with the most out of all my infrastructure
[15:48:13]<symbioquine[m]> * The hardware is a fairly beefy quad core with 64 GB of memory. If I got equivalent cloud hardware it would pay for itself in less than a year I think
[15:48:33]<FarmerEd[m]>Raspberry Pi 4's?
[15:49:35]<FarmerEd[m]>I've found them fairly solid on SSD's. But experience the same on 3's and older
[15:49:56]<FarmerEd[m]>* the same fiddling on 3's
[15:51:49]<FarmerEd[m]>I've a couple of Pi Zeros running on solar installations as LoRa gateways which have been reliable but not exactly under pressure either.
[15:55:18]<FarmerEd[m]>Anyway I suppose my question was if you are paying for an external server anyway then would it not make sense to just host farmOS with the hosting provider. But if you are running beefy hardware on self produced electricity anyway then it changes the economics of the question somewhat.
[15:57:03]<FarmerEd[m]>How's the reliability of your power generation then? Do you have additional UPS protection for dips in power or are you generating a decent surplus?
[16:01:03]<symbioquine[m]>FarmerEd[m]: We have 4.2 KW of solar and 14 KW of battery + a little propane generator (Hopefully soon 8.2 KW of solar). It produces a decent surplus about 8 months of the year.
[16:02:35]<symbioquine[m]>Utility power is notoriously expensive to install out here so even though all my neighbors (on every side) are hooked up to the grid, it probably would have been between $10k and $15k to hook up. Once hooked up, they have a $50 base fee + ~$0.11 - $0.13 / KW.
[16:03:47]<symbioquine[m]>Thus, not hard to beat with an off-grid system - even if occasionally needing to run a generator. (Mostly in December and January)
[16:04:36]<FarmerEd[m]>0.11 kWh?
[16:04:47]<FarmerEd[m]>its 0.4 here
[16:04:58]<FarmerEd[m]>going to 0.5 next month
[16:05:09]<symbioquine[m]>FarmerEd[m]: Is that converted to USD?
[16:05:46]<symbioquine[m]><FarmerEd[m]> "How's the reliability of your..." <- The 14 KW of LiFePO4 batteries with Overkill Solar BMS' + Victron Multiplus 3000 Inverter has been rock solid from a reliability standpoint so far.
[16:05:48]<FarmerEd[m]>€ but about the same at the moment
[16:06:01]<symbioquine[m]>FarmerEd[m]: Ah
[16:06:02]<symbioquine[m]>Yikes, that's pricey
[16:06:45]<FarmerEd[m]>I know, on a power cutting mission at them moment
[16:11:06]<FarmerEd[m]>Spent the weekend working on adding power monitoring, so that I can hopefully workout where power is used most.
[16:14:46]<FarmerEd[m]>And you were worried about being off topic earlier 🤣
[16:15:39]<symbioquine[m]><FarmerEd[m]> "I have wondered about economics..." <- Also the hosting hardware heats my (fairly well insulated) office :)
[16:16:11]<symbioquine[m]>Thus near perfect efficiency in the cooler months
[16:19:08]<symbioquine[m]><FarmerEd[m]> "Spent the weekend working on..." <- What are you using for power monitoring?
[16:21:09]<FarmerEd[m]>Home Assistant +
[16:21:25]<FarmerEd[m]>+ some smart plugs
[16:21:43]<symbioquine[m]>ah, yeah that's the part I was trying to ask about
[16:21:47]<FarmerEd[m]>Its basic till I get some CT clamps
[16:22:04]<FarmerEd[m]>but it works
[16:24:41]<symbioquine[m]>I have a bunch of PZEM-017 and PZEM-016 modules for DC and AC current monitoring respectively, that I'll probably hook up with ESP8266's. But I haven't gotten to it yet...
[16:27:58]<FarmerEd[m]>Think I'll need to invest in more solar.
[16:27:58]<FarmerEd[m]>Currently have 4 100W panels with 100AH batteries in 4 remote locations, powering fences, water pumps, and LoRa gateways/sensors. But I'd love to add a few KW to the house.
[16:29:54]<symbioquine[m]>At least in the US the price drops dramatically if you buy larger panels in bulk. The best prices I've seen here for 100 watt panels are around $70 - $80, but it's pretty routine to find larger panels for ~$0.6/watt when buying a pallet of them.
[16:30:30]<symbioquine[m]>Of course for really small systems larger panels might be overkill
[16:31:40]<FarmerEd[m]><symbioquine[m]> "I have a bunch of PZEM-017 and..." <- I've a cabinet full of modules for projects I haven't got around to aswell......
[16:38:16]<FarmerEd[m]> They made RFID tags compulsory for cattle and sheep here at the beginning of the year, so I purchased a USB/Serial reader almost immediately, haven't even opened the box yet. But at least that may actually be farmOS related.................. eventually......
[16:49:24]<FarmerEd[m]>But back to where this started and more on topic, thanks for sharing your approach. I've a static IP and domain name which points to it, but with all the applications I've been running lately I find I've far too many ports open to manage, but I've been experimenting lately with Wireguard VPN lately which has clients for mobile devices.
[16:52:15]<symbioquine[m]>Almost everything I'm hosting is behind the same NGINX reverse proxy - so mostly just port 80 and 443.