IRC logs for #farmOS, 2022-08-05 (GMT)

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[17:37:47]<jgaehring[m]>Spamming all the forums with this, but for anyone interested:
[17:43:17]<symbioquine[m]>That sounds like really important data to gather!
[17:44:16]<symbioquine[m]>I partially skimmed it, but I didn't see information about the venue/forum you ended up settling on for the interviews...
[17:44:46]<symbioquine[m]>Virtual, in-person, asynchronous digital, some hybrid?
[17:45:15]<symbioquine[m]>jgaehring: ^
[17:47:39]<jgaehring[m]>symbioquine[m]: Need to generate a link still, either through the Skywoman Discord or a general Jitsi link
[17:49:40]<jgaehring[m]>Trying to get the essential details out before the close of business hours but I'm traveling w/ just my phone, not quite ideal 😅
[19:04:20]<thattechguy99[m]>Hi folks, setting up Graphana, could some tell me what table the sensor data is stored in? Just not finding it in the forums.
[19:09:06]<mstenta[m]>data_stream_basic if you are using the "basic" data stream type
[19:09:44]<thattechguy99[m]>Thanks, I'll go check it out