IRC logs for #farmOS, 2022-08-04 (GMT)

[10:02:09]<mstenta[m]>Thanks Farmer Ed for the investigation and fix for! 🎉
[10:17:39]<FarmerEd[m]>👍No problem mstenta: thanks for all the help and guidance to be able to figure such things out.
[11:58:03]<mstenta[m]>@room Weekly dev call in a few minutes:
[12:40:59]* Mo[m] has joined #farmos
[12:41:00]<Mo[m]>mstenta am I suppose to be in it?
[12:43:28]<mstenta[m]>Hi Mo - nope! Unless you want to - open to anyone in the community
[12:45:42]<gbathree[m]>Definitely worth going to at least sometimes Mo ! It's good to see what the community is working on and thinking about