IRC logs for #farmOS, 2019-09-09 (GMT)

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[16:13:32]<skipper_is[m]>Not managing to install the entity patch for Postgresql...
[16:17:16]<skipper_is[m]>Which version of Entity is it for?
[16:17:49]<mstenta[m]>Hi skipper_is just saw the github notification - i'm just on my way out right now so can't take a look yet
[16:17:57]<mstenta[m]>Should be for latest Entity module
[16:18:15]<skipper_is[m]>Is the latest farmOS on Drupal with patch applied?
[16:19:43]<mstenta[m]>no i haven't applied it yet
[16:20:47]<skipper_is[m]>Ok, but it should apply ok to that?
[16:21:12]<skipper_is[m]>(In here farmOS/profiles/farm/modules/contrib/entity)
[16:21:14]<mstenta[m]>i think?
[16:30:25]<skipper_is[m]>Ok, patch applied, but still no joy. Cleared caches, same error
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[17:12:33]<spitz234[m]>Hello, i'd like to use farmos. At the moment i have docker running. Before to use it, it should be in german. But it is quiet difficult since the agricultural vocabulary is kind of different. Is there a instance with exampledata? Maybee it is easier with this hints to translate it.