IRC logs for #farmOS, 2022-09-22 (GMT)

[07:12:12]<FarmerEd[m]>ACTION uploaded an image: (337KiB) < >
[07:12:59]<FarmerEd[m]>Thank mstenta got it working
[07:14:32]<mstenta[m]>Try the little calculator button :-)
[07:14:45]<FarmerEd[m]>Think I need a bigger monitor now too
[07:15:23]<mstenta[m]>It lets you execute statements during debugging!
[07:16:08]<mstenta[m]>Ctrl+N is really helpful for navigating to specific classes
[07:16:44]<mstenta[m]>And you can right click on class names in the code to go to them
[07:29:14]<FarmerEd[m]>It shows up some much potential issues in my code, uncaught exceptions etc.....🫣
[07:29:14]<FarmerEd[m]>Lots to explore.............
[07:30:19]<mstenta[m]>Haha yea really helpful in pointing out things you wouldnt otherwise think of or notice
[07:30:46]<mstenta[m]>The 2.x dev docker image has phpstan now too!
[07:31:09]<mstenta[m]>(Not integrated with PHPStorm, but also provides good insights)
[07:31:18]<FarmerEd[m]>Cool, I followed some of the discussions
[07:32:32]<FarmerEd[m]>Guess there will be no excuses for coding standards now πŸ˜†
[07:32:44]<mstenta[m]>Added a line to that doc with the command to use
[07:33:09]<mstenta[m]>Yea! It's too easy not to! 😁
[11:11:33]<symbioquine[m]>Good call on testing the Gin color schemes paul121 ...
[11:11:38]<symbioquine[m]>ACTION uploaded an image: (934KiB) < >
[11:12:16]<symbioquine[m]>Though maybe a bigger issue than just my changes πŸ˜†
[11:12:39]<mstenta[m]>Mmm yea interesting...
[11:13:11]<mstenta[m]>So wait... do all the NEW buttons work properly?
[11:13:13]<mstenta[m]>Oh wait no.. just the polygon isn't?
[11:13:20]<symbioquine[m]>Yeah, not that top one
[11:13:30]<mstenta[m]>Cool that the "modify" works!
[11:13:49]<mstenta[m]>So yea maybe we just fix the polygon in that PR and then open a new issue to fix the existing buttons that aren't working?
[11:14:09]<symbioquine[m]>I was going to suggest something similar
[11:14:35]<mstenta[m]>I suppose if it's easy to fix the others in the same PR we could do that too... but up to you
[11:14:48]<mstenta[m]>(Since it's a button improvement PR generally speaking)
[11:15:35]<symbioquine[m]>Maybe a hybrid strategy would be just fixing the other ones in the edit control and leaving the layers tab and geolocate button for the follow up issue
[11:16:54]<symbioquine[m]>Might do two commits in the same PR to make it easier to distinguish which changes serve which purpose
[11:45:27]<mstenta[m]>@room farmOS weekly dev call in 15 minutes:
[11:45:57]<mstenta[m]>These are the things I'd like to talk about, if we have time:
[11:45:58]<mstenta[m]>- Add log asset filter to all displays of farm_quantity view #569
[11:45:58]<mstenta[m]>- Set reduce_duplicates: true in Views exposed filters for multivalue fields #571
[11:45:58]<mstenta[m]>- Issue #3282186: Update simple_oauth to ^5.2
[13:52:39]<evered[m]>May I ask, what's the goal of farmOS; what's the mission?
[13:56:28]<mstenta[m]>Sorry haha lost power after posting that
[13:56:36]<mstenta[m]>Was going to follow up with a serious reply
[13:59:17]<mstenta[m]>I would say the mission is to model real life in a software platform, with a focus on farm record keeping :-)
[13:59:18]<mstenta[m]>One of many missions perhaps :-)
[13:59:45]<mstenta[m]>Provide a free and open source option for farm management software
[13:59:56]<mstenta[m]>Work towards better standardization of farm data
[14:00:38]<mstenta[m]>Provide a platform that others can build their own features upon
[14:00:49]<mstenta[m]>Support the development of a community around these tools and collaborations
[14:00:56]<FarmerEd[m]>Is paul121: Pinky?
[14:01:54]<mstenta[m]>And of course: scratch our own itch
[14:03:35]<evered[m]>Who are the competitors for farmOS (in my ignorance, I noticed "tend")?
[14:04:00]<evered[m]>* for farmOS software system (in my
[14:04:19]<evered[m]>ACTION takes notes :D
[14:04:29]<evered[m]>ACTION * takes notes :)
[14:05:01]<mstenta[m]>There are a lot - I don't think we have a list anywhere, but some community members have suggested we document comparisons (help welcome!)
[14:05:11]<mstenta[m]>Most are not open source
[14:05:45]<mstenta[m]>I'm aware of a few other open source projects... FarmData (which is in the process of merging into farmOS AFAIK), Tania, LiteFarm
[14:05:45]<symbioquine[m]>Maybe a (wiki) forum thread would be a good place to track those in an ongoing manner?
[14:05:59]<evered[m]>I would totally dig helping this project. I am an older trained computer scientist who Loves loves Loves LINUXβ„’
[14:06:02]<mstenta[m]>I'd encourage anyone who wants to start that process to do so!
[14:06:45]<evered[m]>Curious, is there a wiki for farmOS?
[14:06:48]<evered[m]>Oh yes I see now.
[14:07:14]<symbioquine[m]>You can make forum threads into a sort of "wiki post" within the thread.
[14:07:32]<symbioquine[m]>I think we use it for our monthly call meeting notes
[14:08:57]<mstenta[m]>evered: Yea the forum is the entrypoint for most discussions
[14:09:16]<mstenta[m]>From there specific GitHub or issues can be created for feature requests, bug reports, etc
[14:09:47]<mstenta[m]>There is one "main" farmOS repository, but a number of "sister" projects that have their own repos
[14:10:04]<mstenta[m]>So it's easier to use the forum as a starting place for things, and then create issues in the appropriate places after that
[14:10:24]<evered[m]>Thank you.
[14:11:44]<mstenta[m]>(Farmer Ed: I think I'm becoming more of the pinky over time...)
[14:11:54]<evered[m]>LoL !
[14:12:15]<FarmerEd[m]>What's evered: 's interest in farmOS? Are you another farming IT person?
[14:12:16]<mstenta[m]>(paul121 is definitely a brain)
[14:12:33]<mstenta[m]>(but not evil)
[14:12:40]<evered[m]> * LoL ! :heart_hands: Farmer Ed
[14:12:47]<evered[m]> * LoL ! :heart_hands: Farmer Ed
[14:13:02]<evered[m]> * LoL ! <3 Farmer Ed
[14:13:52]<evered[m]>ACTION is a computer science who lives in Santa Barbara (near Isla Vista) who has a daughter in Friday Harbor (in high school)
[14:14:05]<evered[m]>ACTION * is a computer scientist who lives in Santa Barbara (near Isla Vista) who has a daughter in Friday Harbor (in high school)
[14:14:36]<evered[m]>ACTION * is a computer scientist who lives in Santa Barbara (near Isla Vista) who has a daughter near symbioquine (in high school)
[14:15:28]<evered[m]>ACTION * is a computer scientist who lives in Santa Barbara (near Isla Vista) who has a daughter near symbioquine
[14:15:28]<evered[m]>ACTION She is important to me, dare I say, and I love plants and trees.
[14:15:59]<evered[m]>I am learning to do what I love.
[14:16:40]<evered[m]>"I want to help."
[14:16:57]<FarmerEd[m]>It's important to do what you love. Left the rat race recently to play farmer.
[14:17:16]<evered[m]>Way to go Farmer Ed
[14:17:18]<FarmerEd[m]>And more recently fable in code.
[14:17:50]<evered[m]>I am expecting JavaScript and a number of frameworks ... (?)
[14:20:40]<evered[m]> * I think that I would like to test it... possibly with local farmers.
[14:20:40]<evered[m]>We have an amazing Tuesday Farmer's Market (and an okay Saturday one) in town.
[14:20:40]<evered[m]>Thriving farming communities.
[14:21:08]<evered[m]>ACTION sniffs the air and smells money in Santa Barbara. LoL - I will keep dreaming.
[14:21:54]<FarmerEd[m]>He thinks he's going to make money from farmers 🀣
[14:22:33]<evered[m]>ACTION * sniffs the air and smells money coming from Montecito. LoL - I will keep dreaming.
[14:23:18]<evered[m]>Oh - no, I would do it voluntarily in the love of gardens.
[14:23:58]<evered[m]>ACTION * sniffs the air and smells money coming from Montecito, from the people who shop at the local Farmer's Market.
[14:24:50]<evered[m]>I am still struggling with ideas to earn money (in service). I do Linux & Database and wish to be a data scientist.
[14:25:25]<evered[m]>I love my penguin.
[14:25:57]<evered[m]>Back later - going to the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden to take a hike.
[14:31:35]<paul121[m]><FarmerEd[m]> "Is paul121: Pinky?" <- ha! sorry I get it now :-)
[14:35:09]<FarmerEd[m]>paul121[m]: Are you a bit too young?
[14:39:02]<paul121[m]>Yes πŸ€ͺ
[14:45:01]<FarmerEd[m]><paul121[m]> "Yes πŸ€ͺ" <- You missed out.
[14:51:45]<FarmerEd[m]>evered: be warned I'm pretty sure a beard a prerequisite of farmOS development!πŸ§” πŸ§”β€β™€οΈ
[14:52:02]<FarmerEd[m]>* a beard is a prerequisite
[14:52:23]<mstenta[m]>nonsense - beardless are welcome too πŸ˜„
[14:52:31]<FarmerEd[m]>* evere d: be warned I'm pretty sure a beard is a prerequisite of farmOS development!πŸ§” πŸ§”β€β™€οΈ
[14:52:43]<mstenta[m]>staring at Drupal code too much might lead to facial hair growth tho, be warned
[14:52:57]<mstenta[m]>it's like sysadmins
[15:09:33]* skipper_is[m] has joined #farmos
[15:09:34]<skipper_is[m]>Good evening! (Still here for now!) I'm just creating another quickform for recording animal movement off site (for submission to government agency), just wanting to have a different way of selecting animals. When creating the animal asset you can use a little entityreference widget thing to select the asset from a searchable list, and they're added to a nice little list. Is there a way of calling that from a form?
[15:09:42]<skipper_is[m]>It's calling the `entityreference_view_widget` which I guess is for views..
[15:11:25]<mstenta[m]>Hi skipper_is!! πŸ˜„
[15:11:45]<mstenta[m]>That comes from this module:
[15:11:51]<mstenta[m]>Only for Drupal 7
[15:12:16]<skipper_is[m]>o/ I'm still here for 2 weeks, but I've just sorted out a year long 'contract' where they'll pay my hosting bill for FarmOS, as long as I remain on hand to fix anything they break!
[15:12:31]<mstenta[m]>Unfortunately I don't know if that module provides a raw Form API element
[15:12:44]<mstenta[m]>Maybe only a Field API Widget
[15:14:22]<skipper_is[m]>Ah ok, any other ways of easily selecting multiple assets?
[15:18:43]<symbioquine[m]>What we were doing on 1.x (for updating many asset locations/quantities at the same time) was enabling the "contains any word" filter on our custom primary identifier field in the asset selection view then putting in lists of their primary identifiers there to build up the list of assets to be added to the log.
[15:19:24]<symbioquine[m]>It might be a bit different case though
[15:19:57]<symbioquine[m]>For one we already had a handy unique identifier for each asset (that wasn't a raw number since raw numbers can be substrings of each other)
[15:20:28]<symbioquine[m]>For another we were using the asset selection view/widget thingy which exposed full views filters to the user.
[15:20:32]<skipper_is[m]>Yea, its a bit of an arbetrary selection, it could be any individual being sent
[15:21:00]<skipper_is[m]>I'm leaning down the route of action_info hook
[15:22:08]<skipper_is[m]>Essentially it's just: User selects a bunch of animals from the whole list of animals, selects where they're going to (ie slaughter house, or another farm), it generates a list of their eartag numbers (jst in notes in a created log), and archives them
[15:23:00]<skipper_is[m]>I was going to use a quickfrm just because most of my stuff is through quick forms, as there isn't as much user error likely to occur, just because there are only a few boxes
[15:23:19]<skipper_is[m]>But if not possible, I'll just try and hook the little action menu at the bottom of the animal list
[15:32:03]<paul121[m]><skipper_is[m]> "But if not possible, I'll just..." <- aw man. In 2.x we have a way to use the actions and redirect to a quick form prepopulated with the assets you selected!
[15:32:43]<skipper_is[m]>Yea, and when I showed 2.x to my team they all said they were going to stop using FarmOS because it looked too complicated.... :(
[15:33:03]<skipper_is[m]>....How do we set the icon for the action button thing?!
[15:34:09]<paul121[m]>the icon?
[15:34:26]<skipper_is[m]>ACTION uploaded an image: (13KiB) < >
[15:34:40]<paul121[m]>(sorry I'm definitely fuzzy on 1.x stuff)
[15:35:04]<skipper_is[m]>I can see (I think) where it is called from
[15:45:45]<skipper_is[m]>Oh, no I cannot. Never mind.
[15:47:37]<paul121[m]>I'm not seeing it either :-/
[15:51:12]<skipper_is[m]>Thought you just use hook_action_info()
[15:51:44]<skipper_is[m]>But it looks like the little button also has to be called in a view
[15:55:31]<mstenta[m]>Yea the button need to be added to the Views
[15:59:10]<skipper_is[m]>And how is the bootstrap icon set? Weight is using glyphicon-scales, for example, but I cannot see it referenced anywhere
[16:00:02]<mstenta[m]>I forget tbh. Might have been a hook for it
[16:00:24]<mstenta[m]>Check one of the modules that provides one like farm_movement
[16:06:16]<mstenta[m]>Oh wait nope here it is (in the theme):
[16:06:36]<mstenta[m]>and above that
[16:43:53]<paul121[m]>hey mstenta, farmos/farmos 2.x-dev hasn't been updated on since Aug 30:
[16:44:26]<mstenta[m]>that should be automatic
[16:44:40]<paul121[m]>and it's problematic because that wants drupal/core 9.3, not 9.4
[16:44:45]<mstenta[m]>But ive noticed a similar problem with tagged releases
[16:44:55]<mstenta[m]>I have to manually update with releases
[16:45:32]<mstenta[m]>Hmm I wonder if this is a packagist issue?
[16:53:55]<paul121[m]>Added this to my local composer.json repositories to fix for now.. (so it reads from my own local git repo)... (full message at <
[17:00:50]<mstenta[m]>paul121: I updated it
[17:01:20]<mstenta[m]>paul121: if you make a account i'll add you as a maintainer so you can do it too in the future
[17:11:29]<paul121[m]>you'll have to show me how
[17:19:44]<mstenta[m]>there's just a green "Update" button on the project page when you're logged in :-)
[17:20:17]<mstenta[m]>ACTION uploaded an image: (40KiB) < >
[17:44:15]<skipper_is[m]>Still struggling with this hook_action_info(). So, based on the Weights one there is a little `_views_default_views_alter` which adds in the view_bulk_operations for the weight action... And action_info() gives the info behind that vbo, such as name (which gives the icon based on the file that mstenta shared)
[17:46:35]<skipper_is[m]>But from duplicating the weights one, still not getting anything to show up in the animal view
[18:49:46]<skipper_is[m]>Does module name impact what it accesses? so farm_quick_x, will it only be able to extend quickforms?
[18:54:14]<skipper_is[m]>I know that file names do, and functions do... But the folder the module is in? and the name of the module? I'm assuming so too..
[19:52:58]<mstenta[m]>skipper_is: do you think the hook function name might be wrong? Needs to follow the pattern: [modulename]_[hookname]()
[19:53:31]<mstenta[m]>If you can share the code in a pastebin I can take a look