IRC logs for #farmOS, 2020-11-19 (GMT)

[22:26:46]<paul121[m]>Learned about something really cool today.... Cloud Optimized GeoTIFFs
[22:27:59]<paul121[m]>> A Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG) is a regular GeoTIFF file, aimed at being hosted on a HTTP file server, with an internal organization that enables more efficient workflows on the cloud. It does this by leveraging the ability of clients issuing ​HTTP GET range requests to ask for just the parts of a file they need.
[22:28:58]<paul121[m]>basically.... hosting imagery layers from a standard file server, no GeoServer required
[22:29:33]<paul121[m]>This site gives a demo that uses OpenLayers:
[22:31:04]<paul121[m]>I was able to generate a COG tif, upload it to my farmOS server (modifying so that `.tif` was a valid file type), and load it into the COG-Explorer !!
[22:31:24]<paul121[m]>And COG-Explorer uses OpenLayers!
[22:32:37]<paul121[m]>Also tried a much higher res Drone image (~100MB tif) and it took a minute to load into the browser...
[22:33:49]<paul121[m]>but I don't think I had optimized the image too much... could probably improve tiling, etc...
[22:33:56]<paul121[m]>it looks like there are some other tools that can do that
[22:35:09]<paul121[m]>but a processed Sentinel-2 image for ~300 acres (500Kb) loads great :D
[22:36:02]<mstenta[m]>wow that is super cool!
[22:36:03]<paul121[m]>can also host imagery from a S3 bucket in the cloud and load into the browser, just by using the link
[22:37:04]<paul121[m]>might need to add `.tif` to the allowed file types ;-)
[22:37:16]<paul121[m]>but also curious if there are reasons it isn't included
[22:39:11]<mstenta[m]>no reason! pull request? :-)
[22:39:21]<mstenta[m]>`.tiff` too?
[22:39:37]<mstenta[m]>we should add it to 2.x as well
[22:40:38]<paul121[m]>I've mostly seen `.tif` while learning about this, but thought the extension was `.tiff`... not sure
[22:41:07]<mstenta[m]>Mm yea I've seen both in general image files... so might as well have both
[22:41:16]<mstenta[m]>I think we have `.jpg` and `.jpeg`
[22:42:55]<symbioquine[m]><paul121[m] "but a processed Sentinel-2 image"> I'm just curious what you're comparing against? The 100MB image seemed like a good test case, but the 500Kb image presumably wouldn't present a challenge to load all at once without tiled loading...
[22:43:40]<paul121[m]>yeah thats not a good comparison haha
[22:44:23]<paul121[m]>this example appears to be higher res & have tiling + pyramid (where higher res doesn't load until you zoom further)
[22:45:35]<paul121[m]>and that performs decently, maybe not quite as well as more traditional (although lots of factors)
[23:02:28]<symbioquine[m]>> and that performs decently, maybe not quite as well as more traditional (although lots of factors)
[23:02:28]<symbioquine[m]>More quantitatively, loading the initial zoom/extent takes just 2.5MB instead of the ~70MB of the source image. Zooming into the max zoom level on a single spot took another 1MB. That shows that it is able to load specific tiles incrementally. We'd need to set up a side-by-side test case to compare the performance with a traditional raster tile server approach, but I'd guess this approach would beat the pants off most
[23:02:28]<symbioquine[m]>single-server/self-hosted solutions since you can easily leverage off-the-shelf edge-caching from S3/competitors...
[23:03:04]<symbioquine[m]>(Assuming the data is fairly static and the "users" are geographically diverse.)
[23:13:46]<paul121[m]>That main site must reference a tool that can do further optimization
[23:14:30]<paul121[m]>I created mine with plain gdal, but seems like there's extensions built around it
[23:15:37]<paul121[m]>But excited to explore this! Until another day...
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[09:32:51]<mstenta[m]>> might need to add .tif to the allowed file types ;-)
[09:32:51]<mstenta[m]>> we should add it to 2.x as well
[09:32:51]<mstenta[m]>FYI paul121 I am working on the code that defines allowed extensions in 2.x right now, so i'll add `tif` and `tiff`
[12:32:30]<paul121[m]>@generalredneck are you still around? (doesn't look like it??)
[12:32:59]<paul121[m]>using the `migrate_plus` `merge` process plugin which they contributed - super handy!
[12:35:09]<mstenta[m]>haha I remember him saying he was a Migrate expert :-)
[15:37:22]<skipper_is[m]>o/ Has farm_quick been removed? I cannot seem to find it on my module list?
[15:37:45]<skipper_is[m]>Although it still seems to work
[15:56:16]<mstenta[m]>Not removed
[15:56:25]<mstenta[m]>Is it missing from the files?
[16:02:22]<skipper_is[m]>Type 1D10T error...
[16:03:02]<skipper_is[m]>my farm_quick_hoof.module was not called farm_quick_hoof....
[16:03:10]<skipper_is[m]>was called farm_quick.module
[16:03:28]<skipper_is[m]>Sorted now :) However, creating logs from quick forms, farm_log_create?
[16:08:27]<mstenta[m]>Oh haha that would do it
[16:08:45]<mstenta[m]>Yea I think that's right... Check out the egg quick form submit for example
[16:08:57]<skipper_is[m]>Yea, though that uses the quantity log function
[16:09:53]<skipper_is[m]>And I don't need a quantity, just an asset and notes
[16:18:05]<mstenta[m]>Tbh I forget :-)
[16:18:17]<mstenta[m]>Not at my computer atm
[16:18:24]<skipper_is[m]>No worries :)
[16:18:27]<mstenta[m]>But that sounds right
[16:18:56]<mstenta[m]>If you find the quantity function you'll see that it delegates to a more general one
[16:19:01]<skipper_is[m]>It works with farm_log_create anyway :)