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[03:50:58]<skipper_is[m]>There any way of adding a tick list to the main page/other pages?
[03:51:16]<skipper_is[m]>Also, comments...there was a module called comments, but it doesn't seem to change anything...
[03:51:27]<skipper_is[m]>Does it have to be placed like a block?
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[06:51:23]<mstenta[m]><skipper_is[m] "There any way of adding a tick l"> Not sure what you mean by this
[06:52:33]<mstenta[m]><skipper_is[m] "Also, comments...there was a mod"> Ah yea! Drupal has a module that provides the ability to add comments but...
[06:53:05]<mstenta[m]>In Drupal 7 it only applies to "Content" entities (nodes)
[06:53:32]<mstenta[m]>Not other entity types like assets or logs
[06:53:57]<mstenta[m]>In Drupal 8, the comment module is generalized and can work with any entity type
[06:54:18]<mstenta[m]>So that's another reason I'm excited to get farmOS upgraded to Drupal 8
[06:55:00]<mstenta[m]>I'm referring to the farmOS D8 upgrade as "farmOS 2.0"
[06:55:20]<mstenta[m]>So farmOS 2.0 will have comments :-)
[06:57:22]<skipper_is[m]>Like Google keep, where you can add checklists, so I could just add little notes to assets or fields like 'check the water', doesn't need to be a full log, as it's only like a little thing
[06:57:56]<skipper_is[m]>FarmOS 2 backwards compatible with 1? Can I export all my logs and assets into 2?
[06:58:28]<mstenta[m]><skipper_is[m] "FarmOS 2 backwards compatible wi"> There will be a migration path yes.
[06:58:48]<mstenta[m]><skipper_is[m] "Like Google keep, where you can "> I think I would still use logs for this
[06:58:55]<mstenta[m]>Logs can be small
[06:59:05]<skipper_is[m]>Yea, with the app it is pretty quickl
[06:59:43]<skipper_is[m]>FOS2 available for testing?
[07:00:01]<mstenta[m]><skipper_is[m] "FOS2 available for testing?"> Nope it's only barely started
[07:00:12]<skipper_is[m]>Ah ok
[07:00:32]<mstenta[m]>Hoping to have dedicated time for it soon
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[09:51:56]<mstenta[m]>Reminder: the farmOS monthly call is today at 2 pm Eastern US time.
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[13:53:06]<skipper_is[m]>Ooo, another idea that would be quite nice to see implemented... The sensors have a graph plot on the page, is there any way of having graph plot for other things? Like monitoring dry matter content of fields, or daily liveweight gain of stock
[13:56:31]<mstenta[m]>Not yet! But here: