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[12:46:09]<mstenta[m]>johanness_charles: Just catching up on messages from the weekend...
[12:46:23]<mstenta[m]>Regarding your question:
[12:46:31]<mstenta[m]>> I failed to find the location for this content "Use this field to define the geometry of this area on a map. Points, lines, circles, and polygons (free-form shapes) can be drawn using the controls below. To draw a polygon, add a point at each corner, and double-click on the last one to close the shape. For more information about mapping areas in farmOS, see"
[12:46:52]<mstenta[m]>I think this is the line of code you're looking for:
[12:47:14]<mstenta[m]>For future reference, I found that by searching for "Use this field to define the geometry" in the Github repository
[12:48:02]<mstenta[m]>That text (along with hopefully all text in the farmOS interface pages) is wrapped in the `t()` function, which means it is translatable
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