IRC logs for #farmOS, 2019-04-25 (GMT)

[22:39:44]<paul121[m]>@mstenta I got my docker instance running on mac. To test speed I ran the tests against the instance...
[22:41:46]<paul121[m]>Last night I was getting an average of ~5 seconds to run all the tests on dlite (about 30 requests in total)
[22:42:26]<paul121[m]>Docker for Mac with `:delegated` volumes is giving me roughly 6-8 seconds average.
[22:43:21]<paul121[m]>So seems to be quite on par. I tried to test with dlite again, but can't get it configured... after installing/upgrading Docker for Mac I think dlite is broken.
[22:45:25]<paul121[m]>mstenta: (missed the tag) - but farmOS instructions for Docker on Mac seem to be good!
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